For International Clients: Use WISE and SEPA payments

DOLLBELGE offers you the opportunity to save A LOT and accepts WISE / payments.
If you have already a WISE account I prefer this way of payment or if you do not have a WISE account yet and are willing to open one (for FREE and in 2 minutes) I can only recommend it to you as WISE has the lowest currency conversion rates and banking transfer rates, especially if you compare with other payment providers. The difference is HUGE.
Check it out for yourself please:  
SEPA transfers are also possible to this account.
Should you decide to order and wish to pay with a WISE transfer or a SEPA transfer please contact me via the contact form and I will provide you a detailed WISE INVOICE by email for the DOLLBELGE creations you want to order and after receipt of your WISE or SEPA payment your order will be shipped within 2 days.
Also very recommended for custom orders.