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Experience in the last years taught me that having Waldorf doll or toys making in group workshops is not at all the ideal way. The concentration, the feel and haptic touch is too much dispersed in order to give the participants the required satisfaction of sewing, learning, asking questions and creating.
Now, I also gave a few one-to-one workshops, which are personal, private, more relaxing, more satisfying, more enjoyable, more refreshing and more enlightening, in short quite ZEN.
So, I decided that I will only offer one-to-one workshops in my atelier, in English, Dutch, Ukrainian or Russian, on demand and individually only.
The purpose being to make something authentic and sustainable with your hands in a pleasant and serene atmosphere for your (grand) children, for your other loved ones or for yourself and at the same time concentrate with joy on your “creating-moment ”with the end result being a beautiful, unique Waldorf doll or another extraordinary Waldorf art object that you have created with your personal touch under the expert guidance of myself as doll teacher and which of course you can take with you after the workshop.
This “creating-moment” also ensures stress-free detachment from everyday living and work rhythms, ensures a serene ambience, stimulates creative thinking, inspiration and contributes to looking out of the box at existing challenges, be it physically, emotionally, professionally or interpersonal.
In short, it is all-round refreshing.
The cost of a personal one-to-one Zen workshop depends on different parameters such as being a beginner or advanced, choice of doll or object and materials, required timing from begin to finish, etc. and is individually discussed and determined per workshop.
The indicated price is "starting from" to give you an idea.
You can explore some ideas and examples with me but a final quote is only made after detailed agreement.
A tip: also gifting an unique one-to-one workshop experience as a present to a good friend or a loved one will get her or him in a Zen mode and leave them a warm memory!
Please contact me for more info or an individual quote and I will personally get back to you!
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